Youtube now works in MintPPC 9

This is something I wanted to make public a long time ago, but it never really happened, until this day. I just installed the new build of Iceweasel 6 on my Pismo and to my surprise I saw a video on a local Dutch website here. Although too slow, it showed that video was possible. So I headed upstairs to my development box, which is a G4 MDD with a more powerful Radeon 9000 pro card in it. To my surprise that video played well. So, then I thought: let&#39;s go for Youtube! The regular flash Youtube does not work, but if you activate HTML5 on the <a href="" target="_blank" title=""></a> page, you get streaming video!! This is incredibly good news. Wow man, this is somehing people have been waiting for, for a very long time, ever since I was playing with Linux on PPC.

So if you people out there are still not convinced that MintPPC is the answer to Apple not giving support anymore for the PPC architecture, I don&#39;t know anymore. Together with the new 9.3 MintPPC installer, installing MintPPC was never easier. I did it today on my Pismo. All I had to do is download the xorg.conf file for this machine and everything worked.

MintPPC is the replacement for OSX.


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