Squeeze backports for Xorg

This news came from the debian-backports mailing list.


I'm pleased to announce[1] the availability of Xorg backports for
Squeeze. Instructions[2] are available to help you pull the whole
stack, and to give some directions in case some drivers are missing
and wanted by some users.

&nbsp;1. <a href="http://blog.mraw.org/2011/08/20/Squeeze-backports/" target="_blank&quot;">http://blog.mraw.org/2011/08/20/Squeeze-backports/</a>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;(planet.debian.org has it too)
&nbsp;2. <a href="http://x.debian.net/reference/squeeze-backports.html" target="_blank&quot;">http://x.debian.net/reference/squeeze-backports.html</a>


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