Our mission is to build a community of people using Linux on PowerPC and Intel based Apple computers and to gather information about this subject as much as possible.

What's new in Fedora 12

Red Hat announced the next version of Fedora scheduled to be released on 10th Nov 09, which is codenamed “Constantine”. There is nice history behind this name. Constantine was the Emperor who brought christian religion to the Roman Empire likewise Fedora 12 will bring Linux Religion to masses. In this article I will talk about some of the new features of Fedora 12. Some of these were targeted at Leonidas(Fedora 11) but were pushed back to Fedora 12.

What's new in Ubuntu 9.10, Karmic Koala

Ubuntu has grown up to be the most popular linux distribution for desktops. No doubt it is one of the best Linux distributions available today. Its developers have worked really hard to make it as an alternative to proprietary Operating Systems. And with every new release they have made it better both in looks and features for the users.

Migration from Mac to Linux

Most know the very philosophies behind both of those operating systems are very different. Because of that, many often need a bit of hand-holding in order to gain some semblance of ease when going from one to the other. But does the same hold true when trying to migrate from Mac OS X to Linux? Since OS X originally contained portions of NetBSD and FreeBSD one would think so.

Test of Karmic Beta on MacBook

Now – I know some of you probably hate Apple…I don’t, clearly. So if you do, please don’t come and post comments about how much you hate them, I won’t approve them :)

Last Mandriva release code available (RC2)

The second and also the last release candidate for Mandriva Linux 2010 is now available on public mirrors: "This RC2 version is available through following images: Free version, 32 and 64 bit DVDs; One version, KDE or GNOME (available on Monday); and Virtual images based on One images (available on Monday). These ISOs are hybrid ISOs which means you can dump it on an USB key to install it.

openSUSE 11.2 RC1 ready for testing

Michael Löffler has announced that the first release candidate for openSUSE 11.2 is now ready for testing: "Today we're happy to announce the first release candidate for openSUSE 11.2. This release includes quite a few bug fixes and several updates, including GNOME 2.28 final, Linux kernel, and many others. What's new in openSUSE 11.2?

Ubuntu's Karmic Koala Beta is out

The Ubuntu developers have announced the beta release of Ubuntu 9.10, code named "Karmic Koala".

More improvements for Macs in the upcoming 2.6.31 kernel

The latest Apple MacBook (MacBook 5,2) and Apple MacBookPro 5,5 don't reboot successfully under Linux; neither the EFI reboot method not the default method using the keyboard controller works (the system just hangs and doesn't reset). It seems that all latest unibody MacBooks have this reboot problem. In the upcoming 2.6.31 this issue seems to be solved.

CRUX PPC 2.5a - Bugfix release

CRUX PPC 2.5a is available. They fixed scsi_proc_fs and z85c30 serial support for apple32 and apple64 bootkernels.

Finally some audio/video support in chatting for the Linux/PPC port

The biggest problem for Apple/PPC users was that a decent chat program with audio/video support was lacking. The only thing I came across was aMSN with some video support (no audio). I was always hoping for Skype or Google to come out with some version that would run in Linux for the PPC platform. Now in Pidgin there is audio and video available, so compile that program and enjoy.


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