Our mission is to build a community of people using Linux on PowerPC and Intel based Apple computers and to gather information about this subject as much as possible.

Kernel 2.6.32 released

 Linus Torvalds has released version 2.6.32 of the Linux kernel. Like it's predecessors, the Linux main development line brings thousands of improvements to the new kernel release such as KMS (kernel-based mode setting), 3D support for series 2000, 3000 and 4000 Radeon graphics card and KSM (Kernel shared memory or kernel samepage merging) which reduces memory use when running identical virtual machines.

More improvements for Macs in the upcoming 2.6.32 kernel

According to H-Online, the upcoming kernel 2.6.32 will have some interesting improvements for Macs. Sound on the MacBook Pro 5,5 was a problem and the kernel hackers now seem to have found a way to get it working by adding a quirck to the driver, if there is no BIOS or insufficient information from there. Headphone support is now improved for the MacBook Pro 5,5.

Altivec acceleration in Linux

 I have been a PowerPC user for many years, but I had never had the opportunity to work with a G4 processor until late September 2004. At that time, I attended various AltiVec tutorials/seminars at the Euro SNDF show which were held by Dr. Sergei Larin and Chuck Corley from Freescale. I would like to thank both of them as they provided myself with the inspiration to work on the AltiVec engine. During said seminars, I was shown how much performance is hidden in this small and underestimated CPU.

Chrome OS benchmarked against Moblin, Ubuntu Netbook, More

 Using the latest build of Google's Chromium OS source code, Phoronix built it out to run on a Samsung netbook and ran sixteen benchmarks, putting it up against Moblin 2.1, Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.10, openSUSE 11.2, and Fedora 12.

Google releases the source code for ChromeOS

In July we announced that we were working on Google Chrome OS, an open source operating system for people who spend most of their time on the web.

Fedora12 is a fact

 The Fedora project has officially released Fedora12. The following are major features for Fedora 12: improved webcam support, better video codec, audio improvements and better power management.  Some other features in this release include automatic bug reporting tool, bluetooth on demand and many, many virtualization enhancements and more security improvements. Fedora will run on both the PowerPC platform as well as the Intel platform.

openSUSE drops support for PowerPC

 It seems that support for the PowerPC port is getting less and less across the various distributions. Earlier on, Ubuntu and Mandriva officially dropped support for Linux/PPC. We can welcome another distribution which can be added to the list: openSUSE.

Coming up in kernel 2.6.32

 According to The H Online, the next kernel will have some major improvements for graphics hardware support.

OpenSUSE 11.2 final available

 Following several development releases and two release candidates, the openSUSE development team have announced the availability of the final version of openSUSE 11.2, cod

FatELF project to an end

As we all know, Mac OS X has support for what is called 'fat binaries'. These are binaries that can carry code for multiple architectures - in the case of the Mac, PowerPC and x86. Ryan Gordon was working on an implementation of fat binaries for Linux - but due to the conduct of the Linux maintainers, Gordon has halted the effort.


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