Our mission is to build a community of people using Linux on PowerPC and Intel based Apple computers and to gather information about this subject as much as possible.

CentOS 5.7 released

Karanbir Singh has announced the release of <a href="http://distrowatch.com/centos">CentOS</a> 5.7, a free enterprise Linux distribution built from source code for <a href="http://distrowatch.com/redhat">Red Hat</a> Enterprise Linux of the same version number: &quot;We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of CentOS 5.7 for i386 and x86_64 architectures.

Mandriva Linux 2011 released

Viacheslav Kaloshin has announced the release of <a href="http://distrowatch.com/mandriva">Mandriva</a> Linux 2011, code name &quot;Hydrogen&quot;: &quot;We are happy to announce that Mandriva 2011 is out.&quot; Some of the main new features in this release include hybrid live/installation DVD images, a revised system installer, new graphics theme, RPM 5, a series of new desktop utilities from Rosa Labs, and KDE as the only officially supported desktop environment: &quot;GNOME, Xfce and

Youtube now works in MintPPC 9

This is something I wanted to make public a long time ago, but it never really happened, until this day. I just installed the new build of Iceweasel 6 on my Pismo and to my surprise I saw a video on a local Dutch website here. Although too slow, it showed that video was possible. So I headed upstairs to my development box, which is a G4 MDD with a more powerful Radeon 9000 pro card in it. To my surprise that video played well. So, then I thought: let&#39;s go for Youtube!

New version of Arch

Dieter Plaetinck has announced the release of <a href="http://distrowatch.com/arch">Arch</a> Linux 2011.08.19, the first new release of the Arch Linux installation media in 15 months: &quot;Time for a much needed update to the Arch installation media, as the last release (2010.05) is not only quite outdated, but now yields broken installations if you do a netinstall. What has changed in this period of more than a year?

Squeeze backports for Xorg

This news came from the debian-backports mailing list.


I&#39;m pleased to announce[1] the availability of Xorg backports for
Squeeze. Instructions[2] are available to help you pull the whole
stack, and to give some directions in case some drivers are missing
and wanted by some users.

MintPPC 9.3 released

Jeroen Diederen is proud to present a new version of MintPPC which can now finally be installed with an iso. Improvements in the menu can be found and no more theme tweaking is necessary. Installation of MintPPC 9.3 will give you everything working out of the box without the need to get into a terminal. More info on <a href="http://mintppc.org">http://mintppc.org</a>.

Linux Mint 11 LXDE released

Clement Lefebvre has announced the release of the &quot;LXDE&quot; edition of Linux <a href="http://distrowatch.com/mint">Mint</a> 11: &quot;The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 11 LXDE. Linux Mint 11 LXDE comes with updated software and brings refinements and new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use. The Software Manager - many improvements were made to its graphical interface, and the Software Manager now looks much more polished.

Firefox / Iceweasel 6 stable

Today is a great day for us as a new stable version of Firefox / Iceweasel is going to be published: 6.0. I saw that in mozilla.debian.net a backport to Squeeze is already available (only Intel). So I will start working on backporting IW6 to MintPPC 9 for us powerpc users soon. Good work!

We have to wait a few more hours for the Mozilla team to make it public that Firefox 6 is now stable (I am ahead in the time zones here...)

Gentoo 11.2 released

David Abbott has announced the release of <a href="http://distrowatch.com/gentoo">Gentoo</a> Linux 11.2, a live DVD (with several desktop environments) that can be used to install Gentoo Linux to a hard disk using Gentoo &quot;stages&quot;: &quot;Gentoo Linux is proud to announce the availability of a new live DVD to celebrate the continued collaboration between Gentoo users and developers. The live DVD features a superb list of packages, some of which are listed below.

CRUX PPC 2.7a released

CRUX PPC 2.7a is available. It&#39;s mainly a bugfix release altought it, now, has a partial support for Acube Sam460ex (vga on SM502).
Issues fixed:
- pmac32: this boot kernel fixes an issue that prevents to boot on very old G3 and dual G4 machines and qemu too;
- pegasos2: this boot kernel fixes an issue that prevents to use ps/2 keyboards and mice.


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