Debian "Squeeze" updated to 6.0.2

&nbsp;&quot;Squeeze&quot;, the current stable version of <a href="">Debian</a> GNU/Linux, has been <a href="">updated to version 6.0.2</a>. As always, this is just a minor update that fixes security issues and critical bugs, and it does not provide new versions of any of the included applications. Steven Rosenberg takes a brief look at the update, then writes about the <a href=" of the things that make him happy to stay with &quot;Squeeze&quot;</a>: &quot;Newer kernels from Liquorix. If the G555&#39;s sound issues had been resolved in the 2.6.32 Linux kernel, I probably would have never explored the Liquorix kernels. Since using a newer kernel did solve my sound problem (muting speakers when headphones are plugged in), I&#39;ve stuck with Liquorix and am now running 2.6.39. Newer web browsers and e-mail client. I&#39;m running Iceweasel 5.0 and Thunderbird 3.1 from the Mozilla Debian team, and Google Chrome from the Google repository. Debian Backports. I added Debian Backports to my repository list last week and replaced with LibreOffice. That wasn&#39;t strictly necessary, but I wanted to start tracking the office suite that most of the Linux world has already turned to in the wake of Oracle&#39;s handling of Right now, I&#39;m going to let the GNOME 3/GNOME Shell and Unity environments age/ripen more than a bit before I leave GNOME 2 behind. And right now I&#39;m looking hard at Xfce and LXDE.&quot;

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