Linux Mint 12 released

The <a href="" rel="external" target="_blank">Linux Mint</a> development team has, today, <a href="" rel="external" target="_blank">officially announced</a> the arrival of version&nbsp;12 of its popular Linux distribution. The project&#39;s lead developer, Clement Lefebvre, also announced the project has made its first income-raising deal with a <a href="" rel="external" target="_blank">partnership</a> with search engine company <a href="" rel="external" target="_blank">DuckDuckGo</a>. In Linux Mint&nbsp;12, DuckDuckGo will be the default search engine. Lefebvre pointed to the company&#39;s lack of tracking or personalisation based on web history, along with its range of features and a commitment to supporting the open source community, as reasons why the relative newcomer in search, established in 2008, was selected to be the Mint default.
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