Lightspark 0.5.3 released

The <a href="" rel="external">Lightspark</a> project development team has <a href="" rel="external">announced</a> the arrival of version 0.5.3 of its open source Flash player. The most notable change for the new build of the alternative Flash player is the availability of a working port of Lightspark 0.5.3 for Windows, which also includes a plug-in for the Firefox web browser. Other changes include support for playing RTMP streams from Flash Media Server and fixes for several memory leaks and crashing bugs.
Further details about the update can be found in the <a href="" rel="external">release notes</a>. Lightspark 0.5.3 is available to <a href="" rel="external">download</a> for Linux and Windows from Canonical&#39;s <a href="" rel="external">Launchpad</a> open source project hosting site. Ubuntu 11.04 &quot;Natty Narwhal&quot; and 11.10 &quot;Oneiric Ocelot&quot; users can download version 0.5.3 as an Ubuntu package from the project&#39;s <a href="" rel="external">Launchpad daily PPA repository</a>. Hosted on <a href="" rel="external">GitHub</a>, Lightspark source code is licensed under the LGPLv3.

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