Lightspark 0.5.0 released

After the last round of bug fix&shy;ing and improve&shy;ments over the release can&shy;di&shy;date I&rsquo;m happy to announce that ver&shy;sion 0.5.0 of Lightspark, a FOSS flash player imple&shy;men&shy;ta&shy;tion aimed at sup&shy;port&shy;ing newer flash files (SWF 9+), is <a href="">finally released</a>.

Beside sta&shy;bil&shy;ity improve&shy;ments there is no new great new fea&shy;ture since the last released can&shy;di&shy;date (see <a href="" title="Lightspark 0.5.0 RC1 is out!">here</a> for more info). You can grab your copy of the sources on <a href="">Launch&shy;pad</a> as usual. Pack&shy;ages for both Ubuntu natty and oneiric are avail&shy;able from our <a href="">PPA</a>. Pack&shy;ages for your favorite dis&shy;tro will be prob&shy;a&shy;bly avail&shy;able in a short time. I&rsquo;d also like to say &ldquo;thank you&rdquo; to all down&shy;stream pack&shy;agers for the crit&shy;i&shy;cal work they have always done.

As always bug report&shy;ing and test&shy;ing is very appre&shy;ci&shy;ated. If you need any help you can drop into the #lightspark chan&shy;nel on Freen&shy;ode.

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