Finnix 102 released

Ryan Finnie has announced the release of <a href="">Finnix</a> 102, a Debian-based live CD for system administrators: &quot;Today marks the release of Finnix 102, the eighteenth release of Finnix since its beginnings over ten years ago. Finnix 102 includes Linux kernel 3.0, a smaller distribution size, new Xen pvops and 486 support, and minor bug fixes. Finnix 102 includes the recently-released Linux 3.0 kernel, and is a slight departure from usual Finnix method of closely following Debian kernel development. Configuration management was based on Debian pre-release kernels, but patch management was handled internally, basing only partly on Debian. Linux 3.0 support was tested heavily throughout the Linux 3.0-rc process. Finnix 102 includes XZ (LZMA2) compression of the compressed root and initrd.&quot; Read the rest of the <a href="">release announcement</a> for additional details. <a href="">Download</a> (<a href="">MD5</a>): <a href="">finnix-102.iso</a> (114MB, <a href="">torrent</a>), <a href=""> (116MB, <a href="">torrent</a>).

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