Debian to add more to its upcoming point releases

Stable releases of <a href="">Debian</a> GNU/Linux don&#39;t come very often - usually only once every two or three years. Naturally, the developers do keep a watchful eye on any security issues and major bugs in between these major releases and, from time to time, issue a so-called &quot;point&quot; release. In the past these point releases lacked any new features, but the wind of change is blowing strongly across the Debian community and the upcoming point release, version 6.0.3, will have an updated kernel and even new functionality in the form of updated hardware drivers. From the &quot;<a href="">Upcoming point releases and call for test</a>&quot;: &quot;The Debian Project is pleased to announce that the upcoming point releases for Debian 5 &#39;Lenny&#39; and Debian 6 &#39;Squeeze&#39; are scheduled for October 1 and October 8 respectively. Debian &#39;Squeeze&#39; 6.0.3 will ship updated Linux kernel packages, including bug fixes from the Linux &#39;longterm&#39; series up to, plus updated drivers supporting new Gigabit Ethernet chips from Broadcom, Intel and Realtek. New packages for 32-bit PC, 64-bit PC and PowerPC are already available for installation from the &#39;stable-proposed-updates&#39; suite. The Debian project invites interested users to test these packages before their release, especially on systems that use the updated drivers.&quot;

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