Why putting Linux on a Mac ? More answers to this are possible. For some people it is just fun to try another operating system. Sometimes it is simply inevitable, in case of old Macs. Old Macs simply don't go along with time. Their MacOS is no longer updated and functionality and security is lacking after a while (an example is Firefox 3 which is only available to Tiger and Leopard). Modern versions of OSX simply don't work anymore on old Macs. For those who want to run a server Linux offers a solution. What do you think about Debain Linux as a server on a Mac Mini or an old PowerMac? A cheap solution for people who want to run a web/mail server at home. Another reason could be that one simply doesn't have the money to buy closed software. For each program from Office to Photoshop one has to pay money in case one wants to be righteous. Linux offers these kind of programs for free (think about OpenOffice and Gimp). In a nutshell, Linux on Macs is not such a crazy idea. Did you get interested? Join the club and try it out once. It will surprise you what the possibilities are. I know the power of working with Linux next to closed software for over 10 years. Closed software has also its right of existence. I both use Linux and OSX on my computers. OSX is more for the media applications (think about iTunes, photo and video editing) and Linux is for the rest.

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