Ubuntu's Karmic Koala Alpha 3 is out

As a user of Ubuntu myself I am interested in the upcoming Karmic Koala version of Ubuntu. My machine is an Intel Core 2 Macbook 2,1, with the Intel video processor. Currently I am using 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) with a 2.6.30 kernel. I tried upgrading to 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) once but it turned out to be a little nightmare. I was used to stable video performance with Compiz-Fusion, but graphics in 9.04 turned out to be very slow. I could not get it back to as it was in 8.10, despite the tutorials. I decided to downgrade my Ubuntu to 8.10 with a newer kernel. The latter fixed my ongoing problems with the wireless card.

According to the release notes, Karmic Koala will have GNOME 2.27.4 development release. Empathy has replaced Pidgin as the default instant messaging client, introducing the Telepathy framework. The gdm 2.27.4 login manager is a complete rewrite compared to the version in earlier Ubuntu releases. The kernel has been upgraded to 2.6.31, pretty much the forefront of technology. Further changes are GRUB2 and ext4 by default.

The most striking feature, to me, is that the Intel video driver has swithed from the "EXA" acceleration method to "UXA". This solves major performance problems of Ubuntu 9.04, but it needs further testing to flag any regressions it may bring

It is still a long way to go before Karmic Koala will be finally released on October 29th 2009 but I am eager to know how it will be.

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