Pommed 1.38 is out

 Pommed v1.38 is out and adds support for the Early 2011 MacBook Pro machines:
<li>MacBookPro8,1: 13&Prime;</li>
<li>MacBookPro8,2: 15&Prime;</li>
<li>MacBookPro8,3: 17&Prime;</li>
These machines have a new keyboard/trackpad assembly, the WellSpring 5. You&rsquo;ll need a patched kernel or a kernel recent enough that it has the USB HID quirks for the new assembly; that&rsquo;s 2.6.39-rc material.
This release also adds a new config item that allows disabling the audio support in pommed entirely. The audio hotkeys are fairly well supported in desktop environments nowadays so you&rsquo;ll probably want that if you&rsquo;re using one.

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