More improvements for Macs in the upcoming 2.6.32 kernel

According to H-Online, the upcoming kernel 2.6.32 will have some interesting improvements for Macs. Sound on the MacBook Pro 5,5 was a problem and the kernel hackers now seem to have found a way to get it working by adding a quirck to the driver, if there is no BIOS or insufficient information from there. Headphone support is now improved for the MacBook Pro 5,5. People in the Linux world already found out that the headphone jack was muted by default, which could be undone by unmuting it with alsa-mixer. The latter also applies to MacBook Pro 5,2. Another improvement for MacBook 5,1, MacBook Pro 5,1, MacBook Pro 5,2, MacBook Pro 5,5 and MacBookAir 1,1 which will be made available to the public, is a better back light support. A reboot problem with early 2009 Mac Mini (3,1) will be fixed in the next kernel release.
For the older machines with a PowerPC G5 processor like the PowerMac G5 a module (therm_windtunnel) was patched to switch the computer off around 70°C instead of 60°C as a normal sunny day was able to switch these machines off in the summer (link). For the same Powermac G5, a problem with PCIe related to the firmware of the U4 PCIe bridge was fixed
Update 06.01.2010
According to the Gentoo forums, a patch for the G5 windfarm driver has made it into  the new kernel 2.6.32. People with these machines do not need to apply the patch themselves anymore, thanks to Benjamin Herrenschmidt of the kernel hackers team.

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