MintPPC 9.1 released

 We are very proud to present an updated version of MintPPC 9. In this new version many improvements are introduced:
<li>MintPPC repository</li>
<li>all menu items should now work normally</li>
<li>introduction of automatic installation without prompting for feedback in the mint-installer script</li>
<li>improvements regarding the desktop settings</li>
<li>powerprefs, a GUI tool to adjust pbbuttonsd</li>
<li>openjdk-6-jre and icedtea6-plugin</li>
<li>improved support for airport</li>

We hope you will be enjoying the new version of MintPPC as much as we enjoyed designing it. The new version of MintPPC 9.1 was made available by hard work of our new team member Tony Cygne (ant2ne) and me.
Jeroen Diederen aka linuxopjemac

The link to the news item for MintPPC 9 can be found <a href="">here</a>.

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