Lightspark 0.4.8 with youtube and vimeo support

&nbsp;The <a href="" rel="external" target="_blank">Lightspark</a> project has released version 0.4.8 of its open source Flash player. The latest version of the alternative Flash player now supports video sharing service <a href="" rel="external" target="_blank">Vimeo</a> as well as Google&#39;s YouTube video site. The developers note that, since the first release candidate of 0.4.8, a &quot;nasty memory allocation bug&quot; has been fixed, reducing the amount of memory used when playing a video.

Details about the release can be found in a <a href="" rel="external" target="_blank">post</a> on the Technology Temple blog. Lightspark 0.4.8 is available to download as an Ubuntu package from a <a href="" rel="external" target="_blank">Launchpad PPA</a> repository. Fedora 13 packages are also available for the i686 platform and <a href="" rel="external" target="_blank">installation instructions</a> are provided on the project&#39;s wiki page. Hosted on <a href="" rel="external" target="_blank">Launchpad</a>, Lightspark is licensed under the GPLv3.

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