First experimental Lightspark for PowerPC available

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Lightspark stand&shy;alone exe&shy;cut&shy;ing YouTube on a ppc64 Debian machine

Only a few days have passed since the 0.4.5 and a new Lightspark release is already out! With big news for Pow&shy;erPC users. The main new fea&shy;ture of this release is <strong>exper&shy;i&shy;men&shy;tal sup&shy;port for the PPC plat&shy;form</strong>!
Cur&shy;rently the per&shy;for&shy;mance of the video play&shy;back is far from ideal as some very inef&shy;fi&shy;cient code is used on a crit&shy;i&shy;cal path, and will be rewrit&shy;ten in an effi&shy;cient man&shy;ner. Nonethe&shy;less tests and bug reports from Pow&shy;erPC users are very welcome.
Beside this fea&shy;ture the release include:
<li>A fix to restore YouTube support</li>
<li>A new <strong>AMF3</strong> parser that will be used to pro&shy;vide <strong>Local Shared Object</strong> (flash cook&shy;ies) sup&shy;port in a fol&shy;low&shy;ing release.</li>
Pack&shy;ages will be as usu&shy;ally avail&shy;able for Ubuntu Mav&shy;er&shy;ick from the
<a href="">PPA</a>
for the i386 and amd64 archi&shy;tec&shy;ture. Pack&shy;ages for PPC are not cur&shy;rently avail&shy;able as launch&shy;pad does not sup&shy;port ppc pack&shy;ages.

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