Finnix 101 released

Ryan Finnie has announced the release of <a href="">Finnix</a> 101, a small, self-contained, bootable Linux CD distribution for system administrators, based on Debian's 'testing' branch: &quot;Today marks the eggnog-induced release of Finnix 101, the seventeenth release of Finnix since its beginnings over ten years ago. Finnix 101 includes major behind-the-scenes architectural changes, the re-introduction of PowerPC support, new features, and minor bug fixes. After a show of public support, Finnix is once again producing PowerPC releases. While using Finnix still has its same familiar look, much of the core infrastructure which comprises Finnix has been re-engineered. Many of the changes are intended to make development and re-development (remastering) easier and more powerful, and to help with deployment by Virtual Private Server (VPS) providers.&quot; For further details please read <a href="">release announcement</a> and the detailed <a href="">release notes</a>. <a href="">Download</a> (<a href="">MD5</a>): <a href="">finnix-101.iso</a> (127MB, <a href="">torrent</a>), <a href=""> (145MB, <a href="">torrent</a>).

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