Debian Squeeze update 6.0.1

&nbsp;The first <a rel="external" href="" target="_blank">update</a> for version 6 of the Debian Linux distribution known as &quot;Squeeze&quot;, <a href=" in early February, focuses on fixing security vulnerabilities and bugs. Many of the updated packages have already been distributed via and users who regularly update their systems from this source will, according to the Debian development team, have few files to download.
Packages containing bug fixes include anti-virus package ClamAV, parts of KDE, the Linux kernel and the Debian Installer. Security vulnerabilities have been fixed in PostgreSQL 8.4, Tomcat 6, open source browser Chromium and WordPress, as well as in a number of other applications. A complete list of updated packages is available <a rel="external" href="" target="_blank">online</a>. Users can update their systems using the <code>upgrade</code> command in <code>aptitude</code> or <code>apt-get</code>.

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