Canonical developer decodes Apple's Magic Trackpad

&nbsp;Canonical developer Chase Douglas says Ubuntu 10.10 will have multi-touch support for Apple's Magic Trackpad, iPod, iPad, iPhone, MacBook and MacBook Pro. Canonical's announcement <a href=" that it had released uTouch 1.0, a multi-touch gesture recognising stack for multi-touch based devices, prompted queries about which Apple multi-touch devices were supported. In a <a href=" log posting</a>, Douglas has listed the supported devices and announced that he has decoded the protocol for Apple's Magic Trackpad.
He is currently testing patches which support Apple's Bluetooth based, stand alone, multi-touch trackpad and has made them available at <code>git://</code> in a magictrackpad branch. Douglas also notes that an iPhone app he has written, <a href="">Remotux</a>, which enables iOS devices to send mouse and keyboard input to Ubuntu, will be updated to support sending multi-touch events. Douglas has previously discussed <a href=" multi-touch</a> architecture in his blog.

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